Regulation Changes

17 02 2014

Zone 5

Those of you who fish in Zone 5, LOTW, Eagle Lake, Dryden.  (US/Canada Border north to Kenora/Vermilion Bay) Be sure to check your regulations this year.  Crappie limits have changed (10-Seansonal, 5-Conservation) Northern Pike length limits have changed to No fish over 29.5 inches.  No longer a slot limit.  Trout regulations also have changed, check your body of water before fishing.  Fish sanctuary dates also have changed throughout NW Ontario, be sure to check your specific area, Sanctuary dates have been extended to June 14th.

Zone 4

PCC and Ogani Customers, Sioux Lookout, Redlake, Perrault Falls.  Sanctuary dates have been extended to June 14th.  Trout regs have changed.  2-seasonal but only one fish over 22 inches.  1-conservation no size limit.

Snow and cold is the story for NW Ontario.  Below is picture that shows how deep the snow is and how hard it is getting around.  Really do not have to many fishing reports.  Moose sign is all over despite a weak animal count this winter.





One response

6 03 2014
Doug Schollie

We were at a Poker Derby in Vermilion Bay and I was turning around to see why Austin and Tyson (my sons) weren’t behind me. What you don’t know (don’t see) is, there is a 2 up seat on the back. Doug

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