Still Cold

28 03 2014

Temps are still very cold, the thermometer reads -4 F as I write this blog.  We still have tons of snow on the ground and everyone is looking forward to some sort of warm up after a very long winter.  2013 was excellent fishing throughout NW Ontario with a very late spring.  Looking at our current conditions and the current forecast models, spring could be very much the same as last year.  The question is will the fishing be the same?  If the fishing is 1/2 as good as 2013 we’ll have a great year.  Betty and I have a very busy year ahead of us and are looking forward to all of you joining us at PCC very soon.  A late cancellation gives an opportunity for a group of fisherman June 21st to June 28th at PCC and an excellent opportunity for the Ogani Outpost May 24th to May 31st.

Ice fishing last week was really good but slowed way down over the weekend.  The trout bite had been fast and the walleye bite was really good as the sun hit the trees in the evening.  Not sure what happened to fishing the last few days but all reports showed a slow down.  That’s ice fishing!


***Mailing address Change:

Our mailing address has changed to: Pickerel Creek Camp P.O. Box 40, Ear Falls Ontario P0V 1T0


Couple of pics from Wednesday.




4 feet of snow on our house.






Winter wasn’t only hard on residents, animals had a long tough winter as well.

This winter killed moose was right behind the house on Aerobus Rd.






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