Trout Are ON!

23 04 2014

Most reports are telling us the trout fishing is on.  Limits of fish in short periods of time.  Fish are actively feeding; people are catching fish in 25 to 90 feet of water.  Catching fish in so many depths tells you that the fish are on the move and are on the feed. That wasn’t exactly the case for us on an April 21st adventure, lost a few fish, two broken lines, and put 2 nice fish on the ice.  The real adventure was getting to the lakes, not able to get to our first destination because of snow dept and blow downs, 4 hours later we did get to fish.  There is still lots of snow, in some spots we had over 4 feet that had drifted in on the trail.  Snow is finally melting off the lakes and hopefully the ice will be following.  Creek mouths are barely starting to open. Pickerel creek is showing a few sketchy areas but still frozen over.  Swans, ducks, seagulls, and geese are showing up daily in any open water areas.  We have heard sand hill cranes migrating north 2 days in a row now.  The birds must think it is spring but the pictures below are from yesterday.  Ice conditions are still fantastic if you are looking to get a little more hard water fishing in.  12″ of slush ice and 15″ of good hard clear ice on most lakes in our area.  For too many reasons it would be nice if our friends in the south would send some warmer temperatures this way.  We are all counting on open water fishing the 3rd Saturday in May.

A buddy just sent me a picture of a fish he caught and released today in Manitoba.

Nice fish Jeff!





Pictures really do not show just how deep it really is.










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