Mayday Mayday

1 05 2014

The distress call to Mother Nature for warmer temperatures is heard by everyone.  Pickerel Creek finally opened up last night and this morning all sorts of ducks have arrived.  We have not seen the creek open this late as long as we have been here, 11 years.  We have been melting for some time now and the runoff from the snow is seen everywhere.  Water levels this spring should be high and with the ground being saturated the run off should continue.  This could create some new fishing spots for fisherman this spring.  You will see feeder creeks and runoff areas on lakes that you never have seen before, at least the fisherman that are here the first few weeks of season.  Take the opportunity and fish these areas, there will be fish in front of the moving water.  

We have been fielding many calls regarding ice conditions, with opening day just 17 days away a need for warmer temperatures is an understatement. There is still 2 feet of ice on every lake in the area.  Creeks are now starting to open and the runoff will surly help with the melt but for some lakes it won’t be enough.   Many of our bush lakes including Pickerel Lake are the first lakes to open, hopefully they will be open, it’s too early to call at the moment.  I do believe some lakes in our area and to the north will have ice on them come the 17th.  Friend and tourist operator Colin Watson owns Little Canada Camp in Ear Falls which is on the English River; obviously the river is open and has been for quite some time.  If your original destination is iced in and you cannot reschedule, keep Little Canada Camp in mind.  The English River offers excellent fishing, and Colin is a great guy.  Attention Moose Hunters, Little Canada Camp also has 2 cow tags for this coming fall in WMU 3.

Mixed reports on trout fishing as of late.  Several fronts moving in and out has made fishing a little spotty.  If you hit the right day the fishing is fast but when its off, its off.  Most people are ready for open water, we are putting our ice gear away today.

Pickerel Creek This Morning





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