Ice fishing ?

5 05 2014

A couple of buddies made it out ice fishing yesterday and the trout were on.  Fish are still in the 50 feet range. Ice conditions were sloppy but the ice was still 2 feet thick on a local trout lake. Creeks are opening up and water temps are slowly rising.  The temperature off the dock this morning is 35 degrees F.  Generally we have Northern Pike spawning in our water system by now but we have not seen such activity as of yet.  Northern Pike will spawn right in Pickerel Creek, you can see the cattails and reeds blowing up as the spawn hits a peak.  40 Degrees is a general temperature when Pike will be spawning.  Fisherman on opening weekend will probably hit the tail end of the Northern Pike spawn.  Males will be hanging around their spawning grounds but as usual the females will head out to rest shortly after their spawn.  Walleye will probably be spawning as our first customers arrive.  The optimal temperature for walleye fertilization starts at 43 degrees F.  With the excessive run off this year and high water levels walleye should have all kinds of ideal places to spawn.  When targeting spawning grounds keep oxygen in mind, windy shoals and feeder creeks are ideal.  Flooded marshes and/or bays with a prevailing wind or small feeder systems should not be over looked.  Let’s hope the weather warms and the ice disappears so we can get on the water and try a few of these spots.


Pics from a May 4th fishing trip.






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