One Day Away

16 05 2014

Tomorrow morning is opening day for walleye.  Unfortunately many lakes will be frozen and some resorts had to cancel their first week of season.  Fortunately many small bush lakes are starting to open and our guest will be fishing on Saturday.  Actually the Ludwig group (WS) has been here since Tuesday fishing for Northern Pike, and usually trout, but trout lakes are still  ice covered.  I am not a biologist but the fish that our guest have caught this week are telling us along with water temps that the Northern Pike are spawning right now, and sometime very soon the walleye will be spawning as well.  The water temperature on this side of Pickerel Lake is averaging 37 to 38 degrees.  These temperatures for May 16th haven’t been seen in a long time.  What this will do for fishing is every ones guess.  I think we will just wait and see, I kind of coward out of that one eh?  Weather looks great over the next few days and many more lakes will be opening. 

In your travels north keep an eye out for water on the roads, water levels are very high and washouts can happen at any time.  We took your suggestions and put new crock pots in all the cabins for your convenience.  Be safe and look forward to see many of you very soon. 




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