Opening Day

19 05 2014

Opening weekend has lots of stories. Some good some bad.  Many lakes still have ice on them and many people could not make their trip north this year.  We were fortunate that many bush lakes did open in the nick of time.  Pickerel lake had a good open, not great but given that the water temps were n the high 30’s with ice on the south end we didn’t do too bad.  30 walleyes in the boat per day for some and 10 or so for others.  The walleye have not spawned yet but should be getting close as the water reached into the 40’s by yesterday afternoon.  I am guessing that Northern pike are finishing up their spawn and the walleyes will be moving in.  The fisherman catching the most fish were in the 10 to 12 foot range out in front of there spawning grounds.  The guys that made it to the English river this weekend figured the river out and also caught some nice fish.  By mid week the majority of the ice will be gone from much of the area.  Warmer temperatures are in the forecast and by the middle of the 2nd week of season things should really be picking up.


A picture of a friend and his family trying to fish just north of us on Saturday. Image.





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