Quantity and Quality

21 05 2014

After a slower day on Monday fishing was really good yesterday.  As many of you know our quest fish many different bodies of water and go after different species of fish.  Walleye, Northern Pike, and Trout were all on yesterday.  Lots of fish were caught by everyone.  Northern Pike and Walleye are done spawning on many small lakes.  Pickerel Lake had big females finishing up Monday night.  The Ludwig group (WS) boated  numerous 25 inch female walleye that were done spawning on Tuesday.  Over the next few days the females should be schooled up close to their spawning grounds and feeding before heading out to rest.  The males will be active in shallow water until the temperatures really heat up.  As much as we like nice weather I would like to see a cool summer like last year.  The water temps really never got too hot and the fishing was excellent all year.  Trout fishing has been excellent for the last couple of days.  Water on trout lakes is still in the high 30’s, fish are being caught in huge numbers in 30 to 60 feet.  Northern Pike were definitely on the feed yesterday as well.  The Denney Group (IA) caught bunches of post spawn northern pike the largest topped out at 36 inches, but many fish in the 30’s.

These reports are from smaller bush lakes, because of ice and unfortunate cancellations, I really do not have reports from bigger bodies of water in our area.




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