Excellent Fishing Throughout!

18 06 2014

Camp has been extremely busy and I have neglected to give a fishing report in a while.  The good news is the excellent fishing throughout NW Ontario has not slowed down.  Cooler than average temperatures have kept the water in the 50’s and 60’s and the fish are have not stopped feeding since the end of their spawn.  Walleye have been extremely shallow and very aggressive over the last few weeks, a few fish were caught in the 12ft plus range this week but I believe you can still find lots of fish shallow.  May flies have been showing up in spurts but haven’t slowed the fishing at all.  We would rather try and catch a feeding fish than one that is not eating.  May Fly hatches will have fish in a feeding frenzy and if you can find where the hatch is taking place and add a little wind to it, you can have the best day of fishing in your life.  Lots of big fish this year and numbers are not hard to come by.  The first 5 weeks of season really could not be much better as a whole, if water temperatures remain cool we could have a repeat of 2013 and excellent fishing all year long.  Had some pics but having trouble uploading, hope fully next time.




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