Changes Ahead???

23 06 2014

Mayfly action will really ramp up this week and next.  Extended warmer weather looks to heat up our water temperatures and accelerate the Mayfly hatches.  Up until now the hatches have been small and have kept fish in the feeding mode for weeks.  Mayfly hatches occur when the water is in the low to mid 60’s, we should hit the mid 60’s in the entire area by the end of this week and next.  The picture of mayfly larva below is what fish love to feed on this time of year.  One technique that I like to use is dragging a jig and minnow through the slit and mud on shallow flats.  A windblown mud flat that has mayflies hatching will be excellent fishing.  Instead of jigging up and down,  move your bait sideways as if you were trying to get it stuck in the mud.  Walleye will hang out on these flats as shallow as 1 to 2 feet, even in daylight hours.  The evening bite can be very interesting also, if you are on the lake in late evening and start to see boils in the middle of the lake, do your self a favor and start fan casting a husky jerk anywhere you see the boils.  Retrieve the bait very slow and wait for the freight train.  This is one of the few times I would suggest putting down your jig and minnow when you are fishing in NW Ontario for walleye.

Mayfly LarvaImage


Nathan Berta (IL) showing off his catches for the week.  









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3 12 2014
Angler Gang

Walleye and Lake Trout! Sounds like heaven! Fish on boys!

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