Moving Deeper

9 07 2014

Transition time of year.  Some fish have moved deeper and you can catch fish on traditional type of structure.  Your morning and especially your evening bite is better than mid-day fishing.  Fish are not all shallow and the bigger walleye have been deeper at least during the day.  Fish are moving in and out and you have to look for active schools.  This is different from most of the spring where fish for the most part were shallow.  Weed growth is in full swing so don’t pass up the high oxygen cabbage beds when you come across them.  We really never did have a huge mayfly hatch and fishing remains very good throughout the area.  Water temps are reaching the high 60’s but still not too hot to slow things down.  A quick look at May and June fishing can be summed up as a repeat of 2013, Excellent!


3 spots open for spring 2015, 1 cabin May 23rd, June 13th, and June 20th.  Just one small group available for a 2015 bear hunt in our south area.


Tim, 5′ 9, and Vince with a nice stringer of fish on there first trip to PCC, way to go guys.




The Millers getting ready to take an adventure.  These guys got off the beaten track and literally caught 100’s of walleye.  Leave your boats at home an bring your ATV’s to experience world class backwoods fishing.




Congratulations to the newly weds, David and Cindy Lane, they spent their honeymoon catching walleye at Pickerel Creek Camp.  Thanks guys, you’re awesome!





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