Musky Invasion

20 07 2014

Musky fisherman arrived last week for the full moon phase and were able to grind out a pretty good week.  Bob Gould and Shorty Flees are two of the best musky guys around.  The duo boated 28 musky in a week, the biggest measured 49 1/4 inches.  Although 28 is a huge number they surely put their time in.  The musky window was not open very much but these guys were on the water enough to hit the times just right.  In my opinion water temps are still cool but rising, I generally prefer water temps in the 70’s for a good summer musky bite and we are still in the 60’s.  Walleye fishing slowed last week throughout the entire area.  The majority of the walleye caught were averaging on the small size.  Some one always finds some good fish but it has been a challenge to stay on good numbers and good size fish.


Bob Gould


Scott Munday

muskie2 b2-1 b1-1

Shorty Flees





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