Long Time

3 09 2014

Thanks to everyone that is staying on me to write, sorry for the long delay.  Backing up a bit, July fishing was very good for the most part except for about a week or so in the middle of the month.  Really the slow down did not last long, after the transition period from spring to summer the fish kept on the feed and everyone was catching fish throughout NW Ontario.  Many lakes in August had there normal slow downs but many lakes surprised us.  If you are planning a fishing trip in August you really should know where you are going, make sure that the lake is an “August” lake.  I have always thought the first 3 weeks of August are tough fishing over all.  The last few days have been very tough fishing around here, a front or two moved through last weekend and fishing slowed considerably.  Water temps are cooling and the fall bite is not far away.  Many reports of algae blooms are happening in the area which is a sign fall is near. 

We have been in the bush bear baiting since the last week in July and our hunt is just about over.  This years hunt was tough and full of missed opportunities.  In our BMA’s the blue berries were extremely thick which added to a tougher than normal year.  Our hunters are seeing bear but just not as many as usual. 

Archery moose season is right around the corner and we will be guiding for the first two weeks and hunting ourselves the last week of season.  Moose population in this part of our unit is still very strong and we look forward to a great hunt.  

A couple of July and August Musky

shorty photo 1 (320x240)

Bush Lakes in July were very good fishing this year.


Betty took the girls out fishing this week.



Summer time fun with Ken and Joanne Kansas with Floyd Heppner


Young Bull taking a stroll.
















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