17 09 2014

To some up this years bear hunt I would have to say it was much tougher than normal.  The bush was full of natural food sources which made it difficult for bear to come to the baits while a hunter was on stand.  We did not have as many opportunities per hunter as usual.  Our hunt would have been much better if our hunters capitalized when they had the chance but missed opportunities made the numbers seem low on bear taken.  Walleye fishing over all is also tougher than normal for this time of year.  The fish are deep and you really need to concentrate in deep water and staying vertical is a must.  The fall bite should start anytime, we should have two to three weeks of good walleye fishing left.  Water temps are in the low 60’s.  Algae blooms are happening in many area lakes and finding high oxygen areas is key.  Archery moose hunting starts this Saturday and we look forward for two weeks of guiding.  Moose populations in our area seem to be stable but other areas of the unit are down.  The deer herd is dismal to say the least.  Mature animals have taken a severe beating over the last two winters.  Gross numbers seem to be pretty good and hunters are bagging some birds right now.  Enjoy the fall and be safe in the woods.

A couple of pics from our hunters in our north area.

l (239x320)

bear 2014 061 (239x320)

bear 2014 056 (320x239)




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