Moose and Musky

20 10 2014

September fishing was a month that you really had to pick the water you were fishing.  Some area lakes seemed to shut right down and never really had a good fall bite, others lakes were hot and fishing above average.  There are some bush lakes right now that have active walleye fishing.  Water temps actually have risen, most lakes are posting temps in the low 50’s.  Our fall musky fishing starts when the resident moose hunters arrive and fishing wasn’t too bad.  We only boated 11 fish in five days but weather played a big part.  Water and air temps rose considerably and we had two days in which the fish just disappeared.  Lot’s of good fishing ahead, looking forward to sharing a photo of a giant lunge very soon.

Archery and gun moose season would be summed up as very slow over all.  Warm and windy weather played a roll in animals not moving. The Ministry of Natural Resources did a survey which showed a reduction of animals in many WMU’s and I believe they are correct.  Looking back on my hunting logs over the years, 2014 was one of the slowest years for animal encounters but not the slowest.  2 weeks of guiding we heard or seen 11 bulls and 5 cows, doesn’t sound bad but it sure seemed very slow at times.  Our archery hunters scored on two young bulls and our gun hunt only yielded one bull moose.  In a normal year we harvest 6 or more animals and this year only 3 .

Grouse have made the fall a lot of fun for bird hunters.  A plethora of grouse this year and lots of good eating.

Bob Gould with his first archery moose, way to go Bob.

b moose snow hunt

photo 2Andrew and Steve showing off the catch of the day from the Bobcaygeon Boys.

A few Musky Pics from last week.  Check out the beautiful tiger musky caught by David Farr.



bl bob t ds sav




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