Season Approaches

28 03 2015

Hello everyone! We hope all of your winters went well and that you and your families all stayed healthy.

Betty and I got to spend some quality time with our families and are looking forward to the start our 12th season at PCC.

This season will be our busiest by far and it will begin in less than 7 weeks.  We will be doing some maintenance and renovations this week.

Ice out and spring conditions are shaping up to be more average than the last two late springs.  Ice out usually is the last part of April or the first part of May and I think we should have ice out some time the first week of May.  May is when walleyes are concentrated like no other time of year.  The ice goes out and walleye will spawn shortly thereafter when the water is around 40 degrees F.  This year our walleye opener is on May 16th, fisherman will be looking for post spawn walleye with water temps getting close to 50 degrees F, which is the temperature that walleye really seem to get active.  We have had two years in a row the walleye fishing in NW Ontario have been fantastic, let’s go for a hat trick in 2015. Ice fishing for trout has been excellent as of late.  Fish have been active for over two weeks and fish are being caught in depths from 40 to 80 ft.  Walleye fishing also has picked up and will only get better as the creek mouths will start to open in a week or so.  As we start to melt the creeks start bringing warm water into the lakes and walleye will start moving into their spawning areas in front of the creek mouths.

The Canadian border has a ban on poultry from some states.  You can look at these two websites for information on bringing goods into Canada. and .  DUI’s and minor criminal records are always in question with some travelers.  We know some helpful people that deal with these situations, if you would like to call or email us we can forward the information to you or you can call the CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency) at 807-274-3655.

PCC will be offering wolf hunts in 2015 and 2016, please email us for information and to get on a list.  As with all of our hunts, spots will be limited.

Highway 105 may be having some work done starting this summer; we will keep you informed on details.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!

Pics from last weekend.

DSC01375_5893 DSC01379_5897 group trout betty eskimo nice pic DSC01370_5888 barry wley




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