Crappie Invasion

13 04 2015

Last ice is bringing anglers out to get in the last couple of weeks of fishing and bringing crappies up from their deep winter hangouts.  Ten years ago you hardly heard of crappies being caught in areas that are now full of the challenging and tasty pan fish.  Whether you are in Kenora, Dryden, or even Perrault Falls crappie can be added to the list of fish you may want to target.  I am keeping this blog short so I can sneak out and try my luck at finding some myself.

Pickerel Creek opened yesterday which is fairly average for this time of year, 18 days earlier than last year.  Northern Pike are making their way to the shallow bays and creek mouths to spawn.  I seen a few fish of the dock yesterday.  Those of you who had cold water temps for opener the last two years should enjoy a more average spring and look for the walleye opener to be action packed.

The Whiskey Jack bar and grill in Perrault Falls has great food and their musical line – up is posted for the up coming season.  If you like music and are lucky enough to be in the area when they are having a show, do your self a favor and buy a ticket and check them out. They will have 7 or 8 bands this spring and early summer lineup.

We have a few spots open for our 2016 fall bear hunt which starts the 15th of August .

Common scenes on the ice lately.

scott crappie barry c auger

dave walleyeice c




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