Staying The Coarse

11 06 2015

Fishing in the region is has stayed the same, good to excellent reports.  The number of big walleye out of our bush lakes continue to rise every year.  Not only are anglers boating numbers they are now boating large numbers of big fish.  Catching and releasing mature fish has no doubt helped our already fine fisheries.  Water temps are on the rise, 60 to 65 degrees is the average.  Fish have been shallow, sucking up on the oxygen of new weed growth.  Water levels in the entire area are still low and some heavy rain would be welcomed.  Trout fishing has slowed a bit this week, fish went a bit deeper and a little harder to find.  Several trophy size fish of every species have been caught and released this week.  Outpost fishing has been excellent all year, tons of walleye and several groups have targeted big northern pike and have done very well on fish between 34 and 40 inches.

Go Hawks!

DSC01582_6446 DSC01574_6449 DSC01580_6444 DSC01570_6344




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