10 11 2015

I have received enough hate mail to have finally decided to sit down and give you guys something to read.

2015 has been extremely busy.  Tourism in NW Ontario was the busiest in years for everyone, very nice to see.  I have been told the last time I wrote a blog was in July, sorry, I  really didn’t think you would miss this.

Well, if you  looked at fishing overall I would give the area an A.  If you had a slow week of fishing then you hit a transition period where fish moved from shallow to deep water. Fishing was excellent throughout.  The other exception would be August.  On some bodies of water August can be a tough month and I would say this year was.  September had its moments, some really good days and a bunch that were slow.  Picking the right body of water in those months, that I consider transition times of year, are crucial. Mixed reports this summer on musky fishing.  Water stayed fairly cool for the most part which made walleye fishing excellent and musky fishing testy.  Mid summer rain also helped with water levels and I believe the inflow of water created extra feeding opportunities for fish.  Musky fishing this fall was extremely slow, water temps were in the 50’s throughout the month of October.  Actually with the mild weather we have been having I would bet you could put a few giants in the boat right now.

The bear hunt was full of stories and adventure as always.  All of hunters seen bear and 90% had an opportunity.  The archery moose hunt had mixed reports.  Personally I guided two hunters over a two week period and we heard or seen 10 Bulls and 6 Cows.  6 of the bulls were well within bow range but the moose won out over the hunters this year.  The experience of having moose respond to your call and actually come in to within 20 yards is exhilarating to say the least.  The rifle hunt was slow  for the most part.  Betty and I had two moose tags, I filled mine a few days ago.  It was a fun hunt with many hours spent in the bush.  A 2 1/2 year old bull was harvested.  One more tag to go..

Stay tuned!!

Mid -Summer Fish

brad wolf eric northern tony 51


Falls Muskey


September Panfish

pan fish

Mid Summer Walleye



Andy Sempek Nebraska with his first Black Bear

andy bear




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