Fall Hunt

31 12 2015

Personally I was able to spend a lot of time in the bush this fall either guiding or hunting for moose.  For me there are not too many things better than tromping around in the bush.  Over all the moose population in many areas are down for sure, in some areas it seems to be stable.  I have mentioned before about relationships between deer and moose and personally I don’t foresee moose rebounding in areas where deer were prolific, any time soon or at all.

Speaking of deer there is a possibility that PCC may start our deer hunt again in 2017.  The next two winters will dictate whether that happens or not.  There was sign of 2 and 3 year old bucks in some of the pockets that we hunt.  My personal deer hunt this past fall was not good.  I did not see a mature buck or see sign of any mature animals in the immediate  area that I hunted.  I did see some trail cam pictures of some decent bucks but we are still two years away from a recovery, only in my opinion of coarse.

Colin Watson From Little Canada Camp with a nice late season bull, outpost pic of a quartered bow kill, and my first bull with a rifle.





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