Spring Bear Hunt Reinstated In Ontario

23 02 2016

Our spring bear hunt in Ontario has been reinstated for May 1st to June 15th 2016 thru 2020.  This will be a great opportunity for some outfitters and hunters alike.  Besides turkey hunting, black bear was one of the only animals to hunt in the spring.  All of our fall hunting seasons in North America are packed with opportunities to hunt birds, small game, and big game of all sorts.  Being able to pursue a  big game animal in the spring is a great opportunity.  Pickerel Creek Camp in the 1990’s was full of bear hunters every spring but now we are full of fisherman, so we will participate in the spring bear hunt but it will be a remote hunt in our north bear area which encompasses the Long Legged Lake area.  Not only can you experience excellent spring  bear hunting but you can also partake in world class spring fishing on Long Legged Lake and very good surrounding bush lakes.  Give us a call to find out more and if you know of some one that might be interested let them know.  Betty and I have always appreciated the referrals and support from all of you.







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