27 04 2016

The melt is on and NW Ontario is waking up from another quiet winter. Ducks are back and extremely active.  Our duck boxes are hosting Golden Eye, Hooded Mergansers , and a pair of wood ducks are back. Betty got to witness our food chain a few days ago as an otter took down a duck not too far from the dock on Pickerel Creek.  There has been so much duck activity even eagles are trying to get in on the action and are trying to snag a duck dinner.  Sand Hill Cranes have started their flight back north, a great sign that a new season is about to start.  Deer and moose would have had a fairly easy winter, sighting of both animals have been prevalent as of late.

Over an inch of rain last week and some decent run off have water levels high across the region.  Pickerel Creek itself has morning temperatures right at 40 degrees but warming up to the high 40’s by the afternoon.  Creeks have been open for over a month now and with warm water flowing into our area lakes northern pike have begun there spawn.  We still have ice on our lakes but it is starting to go pretty quick over the last few days.  We did get good trout reports from north of Ear Falls last week but ice conditions around here are no longer safe.




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