Here and Gone

11 05 2016

This may have been the fastest beginning and end of a spawning season I have ever seen.  One day northern pike were in the bull rushes spawning like carp from the south and the next thing you know walleyes moved in and then out just as quick.  The white suckers are even spawned out in most areas.  This would be a little different for are area cold water lakes but I would bet the walleye spawn is over for the most part.  Cliff Lake one of the colder lakes in the area have surface temps in the mid 40’s and we already have mid to high 50’s on warmer bush lakes.  Soaking for trout has been productive for many, and I even heard of fisherman catching a mixed bag of fish using this method.  For those of you don’t know what “soaking” is, picture fishing for catfish in your local farm pond with chicken liver.  You would use cut bait, piece of sucker or a herring and in the right location toss your bait out and let sit.  By the way, that chicken liver you use for catfish would work for trout as well.  In the spring trout will feed in shallow waters which makes soaking possible.  The black ants hatched and/or came out last week which is always a sign for me that the trout are up in the water column and the feed will be on.

The entire NW is under a fire ban, for those of you planning on shore lunches next week be advised.  We all have to be extremely careful this spring.  There are several fires in our local districts.  Things are extremely dry.

Grouse Hunters, our local birds wintered very well this past season and the birds are everywhere.  As long as our spring doesn’t get too wet and cold the young birds should do well and this fall could be another banner year for hunters.  Season opens September 15th.  Excellent trip for hunting and fall fishing combination.




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