22 05 2016

Just like this years spawn things are happening fast. Water temps are heating up, water levels are dropping, and the hatches are in full swing.  Last week the trout were still shallow and on the feed, good numbers and size.  Northern Pike action was  steady with several mature fish in the mid 30’s were  boated.  Hot sunny and dry sums up are weather pattern but the stable weather should bode well for the first week of walleye fishing.  It’s early and we don’t have wide reports yet but early indications are good. Our fisherman boated 15 to 40 walleyes per boat, not great but not a bad first day. We will wait a couple of days and get a more detailed report on the walleye action.  With mayflies and every other water creature starting their hatches fish shallow on mud flats that transition to rock and you will have action,  3 to 7 feet of water.  Water temps on walleye water are ranging between 58 and 65 degrees.  Lets hope for a bit of a cool down and some rain to keep things going into June.  For everyone who loves  black flies you are missing out.




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