Fishing Report

21 06 2016

Fishing has been good.  It’s that transition time of year when fish are moving from only being in the shallows to pre-summer hang outs.  In the past weeks one would find all the fish in shallow in wind blown bays and mud flats.  You can still catch fish in these areas but they are not all there.  Depending on the body of water of coarse fish have moved out a bit and are in the 10 to 14 foot range and are on more traditional structure.  Your secondary and main points will hold a few fish now along with a fish around your summer time humps.  After you exhaust a spot its time to move and find another but it doesn’t hurt to come back and get them going again.  Over the last few years big mature walleye have been the story line and this year is no different.  The numbers of big female walleye being caught in our area has been fantastic.  Bush lakes are still producing good numbers and big fish and larger bodies have been doing OK as well.  The larger bodies of water in our area will only get better heading into July.




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