7 07 2016

It’s hard to believe the first week of July is already in the books.  Bush lakes have been producing all year, I expect that to start slowing down as water temps are creeping up into the low to mid 70’s.  The region has just experienced inches of rain in just a few days which is allowing access into some great “July” water.  All lakes have their own personalities, some are good in the spring, some are good in the fall, and yes, some are better in mid summer.  There are not to many lakes anywhere that fishing is good all the time.  The secret to this is knowing the lakes and when to get the most out of them.

Outpost  fishing this year has also been outstanding.  A quick trip up there a few days ago for wood cutting and maintenance  allowed us to wet a line. Walleye are still easy to catch and northern pike in the 30’s were abundant.  

Musky fishing is spotty mostly because of weather fronts that pop in every other day or two.  Action will be more steady as our weather heats up and levels out.  A quick outing last night yielded a buddies first musky , but we did not raise any other fish.  Weed growth is getting there and water temps are just about where they need to be for the summer feed.

Lac Seul out of Scout Bay is a bit off so far this year, I expect this to turn around shortly.  Even being a little off,  fishing is still good but could be much better.  I have had mixed reports from the north end of the lake and mixed reports out of Williams Bay as well.

The amount of moose sightings have definitely been encouraging.  Our customers have seen several cows with one or two calves in many different areas.  Grouse have had their chicks and seem to be everywhere.






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