Good Enough

17 07 2016

Like my old buddy Donny Moore from Gold Arrow Camp use to say, “fishing is good enough”.  Every day and every lake is a bit different right now.  It seems that fisherman really have to hunt for fish .  Even though we are in mid July many of the summer time hangouts of walleye are unoccupied.   Weather in the last week or so definitely has played a part.  Unstable pressures, rain, east winds, and a decrease in water temperatures all added to a challenging week of fishing.  Betty and I were able to sneak out one afternoon with our good friends Irene and Jimmy Hanson. Fishing was tough until we finally found a wind-blown reef that held a bunch of mature fish, lots of fun!  Water temps are in the high 60’s to low seventies, a drop of 5 to 8 degrees over the last week and a half.  Water levels have risen feet and weed growth seems to be slow this year.  Better weather ahead should surely help the fishing .

Those of you heading this way should watch out for construction, just about everywhere.  Pickerel Creek Bridge will be replaced starting on the 25th of July.

Also a good reminder to help yourselves and our conservation officers is to package your fish correctly if you plan on taking any fish home.  The fillets need to be flat with a patch of skin.  Put it this way, if you can not easily count and identify whats in the package neither can a conservation officer.  Road side stops this year revealed that many are not packaging their fish properly, this will lead to fines and confiscation of your fish.




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