Moose and Musky Time of Year

27 10 2016

Moose season is well on its way with mixed reports from hunters.  Unit 5 has been a bit difficult for rifle hunters.  The season started a week later than normal and the moose seemed to be in hiding after the rut.  Mild temperatures kept the moose in tight to cover for the most part but some hunters did see a lot of action in some areas.  While hunting a few days ago I heard a cow calling as if she was not bred in her first estrous cycle so one should still be able to call in a bull if you were close to his bedding ground.  Moose have been feeding in cuts but I also seen moose still feeding in the water just a couple of days ago.  Areas further north had many of the same reports, action for some and nothing for others.

Musky fishing should be good starting right now.  I fished with customers a little over a week ago and fishing was still slow.  Water temps were still in the 50’s and we were only able to boat one fish a day.  We just had a couple of hard frosts which dropped the temps into the 40’s which should surly turn up the action.

Grouse hunting is still excellent!  Early mornings and evenings are the best, but you can find birds all day, especially if you get out and do a little walking.  I should have a deer report by the end of next week.  It will be interesting to see just what the population looks like but I am not optimistic, hope I’m wrong .

Couple of fish from last week.










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