21 05 2017

Even though the area had ice out a month ago water temperatures are not quite at where they need to be.  Find the warmest water on the lakes and you should do OK.  Anglers yesterday had mixed reports but a few boats did really well, 3 to 6 feet of water and south facing shore lines.  The afternoon bite seems to be better than early morning  which makes sense as the water temps rise throughout the day.  Feeder creeks that have warm water flowing into the lake is always a go to spot at this time of year.  Bush lakes are running morning surface temps in the low 50’s and some of our areas larger bodies are even cooler than that.  The low 60 degree mark is optimal and with a little sunshine in the forecast we should hit that in a week or so.  With warmer water comes the hatches of several insects that will trigger the walleyes’ dinner bell.  Northern pike fishing has been slow to average and the lake trout still seem to be deep.  We are a few warm days away from a few key hatches and the the trout will be right on top the water column.  Trout lakes are holding temperatures in the 40’s.  Water levels in lakes and streams are low for this time of year.




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