Good Fishing

6 07 2017

Looking back on May and June fishing in NW Ontario I would have to say the fishing was good throughout.  We did not have to many days that were slow.  Remote lakes and rivers were excellent as usual.  In my opinion the Mayfly hatch and/or hatches did not slow things down if you were in the right spots.  I have learned that your normal go to spots may not hold fish when hatches are going on.  Try a few spots that you would never fish most of the time.  Silty bays where the mayflies are hatching can be the ticket.  Fish the  bays that have the most wind blowing into them, the fish can be anywhere.  Once you catch a fish throw a marker buoy and exhaust the area before you move on.  You would never think fish would be in some of these areas but they are.  Northern Pike and trout fishing was probably on the slow side this past spring.  Musky has been slow as well. Water temps are still in the low to mid sixties and the summer bite has not got going yet. When we see those temps reach the 70’s the muskies should put on their summer feed bag.

If you are looking to book for 2018 in NW Ontario now is the time.  We are looking to fill some spots at the outpost and here at PCC.  Our first openings start June 23rd.  We also are looking to fill a few fall bear hunting spots in 2018.  There should be openings for wolf hunts in 2019 for those interested in great winter adventure.




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