Bigger Water

8 07 2017

Mid summer is usually the time we start fishing larger bodies of water.  Why? Cooler water, more oxygen, more water flowing in.  Although, water temps are staying cool over all and our bush lakes are still producing good number of quality fish.  When fishing larger bodies of water I personally like to fish shallow humps, 4 to 15 feet with deep water close.  The key for these areas is bait fish.  It is imperative that there is a presence of bait fish on this type of structure.  As I have said before, find the bait and you will find fish.  Fish have migrated away from their spawning areas and are positioned on or near their summertime humps.  When the bite is on you are able to catch fish on just about anything but my preferred tactic is still a jig and a minnow. Once you go through all your minnows which happens often, the gulp minnow on a jig is my second choice.  Always use the lightest jig you can with still knowing whats going on.  1/8 oz. is preferred but a 1/4 oz. We were able to get out and do a bit of guiding last week.  Fish counts were good at around 70 per day but the quality 20 to 25 inch fish was awesome.  Try some mid lake shallow humps that are holding bait, it’s addicting and you won’t be around too many other boats .




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