Summer Bite!

3 08 2017

I think the summer musky bite has started in this area.  We had about a week of hot and humid weather which really shot water temps into the seventies.  At least from my experiences, the summer bites really is good when the temps get into the 70’s for the first time of the year.  We were able to get out last night for a couple of hours and raised 5 fish and boated 1.

The walleye bite on the right body of water has been fantastic!  13 to 20 foot humps are holding fish but you can catch fish shallow.  The outside edge of cabbage beds are holding all year classes of fish.  The amount of quality fish caught this week has been very impressive.

Bear baiting has started, it’s great to be back in the bush .  We are expecting another fun and exciting bear season.  Bear populations seems to be very good and all of our baits have multiple animals on each one. There is a surprising amount moose sign out there right now, especially in areas that haven’t had moose for a while.  Deer populations in this neck of the woods is still very low, maybe a faster rebound for the moose herd.




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