Seasons Change

15 09 2017

Fall is rapidly approaching and with another part of the year gone the fish are moving to their next hangout.  Transition times of year can be tough and for many of us lately fishing has been tough.  Most fish have vacated the summer haunts and are on the move somewhere.  Somewhere is a big question.  We have been finding a few fish deep but things have bit slow in front of the fall feed.  Water temps are still in the low 60’s.  Colder nights ahead will start the water to cool down and trigger some of the best fishing of the year, although it is sometimes a short window the fall bite is fun in many ways.

Moose are already on the move and fisherman are having encounters on logging roads as well as  lakes.  Grouse season opens today and it seems there are plenty of birds for this fall.

Couple of pics from late August and September.

If you are wondering why there is a chicken in the pictures I don’t blame you.  We where out in the bush last week and came around a corner and there it was, a beautiful white rooster.  No idea how or why but I never would have guessed we would see a chicken.



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