Fall Update

24 10 2017

Let’s back up to September.  Walleye seemed a little harder to find this year (In September).  Water temps stayed warm and fish did not go from summertime spots directly to their fall/winter hangouts.  In these transition times of year it seems we catch a few here and a few there but really never find a school that you can sit on.  As the water cooled off fish arrived where they should be and fishing picked up.  October walleye fishing can be good as well if you can catch some stable weather.  Locals are catching some really nice females.  Deep main lake and secondary points are key spots to run an gun to.  Smallmouth bass action was awesome as usual this fall.  Bass seem to go on a feeding spree in September and October like no other.  Jigging spoons and raps off deep main lakes points is a great way to put these aggressive feeders in the boat.  Trout in September were spotty, warmer water kept fish deep but on the right day fisherman were boating fish from the 75 foot mark.

Moose hunting is going pretty well for many hunters in the area.  Several big bulls have been taken.  Moose populations seem to be OK at the present time and probably getting better from the decline over the last ten years.  Deer populations are very low throughout the north allowing the moose to repopulate.  I was fortunate to guide a couple of hunters on a fly out moose in September but things were a bit tough.  It was one of the few times that we did not have very much action and no shot opportunities.  A bit humbling we hunted hard and still had a very good time trying.

moose trip

Guiding for musky over the last week was a blast.  We hit a three day window that the fish were extremely active.  Water temps are finally cooling off which should trigger some of those tankers to start feeding as well.  Our fish only averaged between 40 and 44 inches but those bigger fish will be starting soon.

Duck and goose hunting in Manitoba was awesome.  Lots of birds and great camaraderie.

goose hunt

Grouse numbers continue to be high and you can harvest your limit in short order.  Taking Betty out this morning for her to shoot us a nice feed of birds.



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25 10 2017

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