Happy Thanksgiving

23 11 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and family south of the border.  Winter has come early in NW Ontario.  Lot’s of snow and cold since the end of October.  Well over a foot of snow on ground even more in the bush.  Smaller lakes have 6 to 8 inches of ice already but your larger lakes are not safe for travel yet.  We got out yesterday for the first time and caught just enough crappie for a small feed.  Being cautious on new ice we didn’t move around too much to locate the fish.  Moose have been showing themselves as of late and seem to be on the move.  A buddy and I hunted last week a few mornings and got to see 13 moose, 11 bulls and 2 cows.  Scouting around it seems the moose population is healthy in our small area.  Essentially there are zero deer in this immediate area which will only help our pocket of moose around PCC.

For those of you who stay in cabin #1 here is a sneak peek at the remodel job in progress.  New cabinets, countertops, floors, and beds.

cabin1 after

2018 openings.  PCC has two 4 person cabins available for the spring.  May 19th and June 9th are the start dates.  Ogani Outpost also has the week of June 30th available.  Our moose hunt is booked but we do have a couple of spots open for the 2018 bear hunt.  You can get on a list for 2019 wolf hunts as well.



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4 12 2017
Joe Pluth

Looks great Dave!

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