A New Season Ahead

13 01 2018

Even though it has been brutally cold  in the north for quite some time there are some folks getting out on the ice.  Crappie fishing has been decent and a surprisingly good walleye bite has been had by several parties from Dryden to north of Ear Falls.  We do not have many trout reports but I’m sure their are a few getting put on the ice.   Conditions are actually pretty good for travel.  We really did need this cold spell to firm up our lakes for travel.  The amount of snow in November and December caused an insulating effect and made conditions on some lakes sketchy at best.  Most of the reports we have now are good travel throughout the area.

The end of the moose season was full of action for the hunters that were out there.  I had a successful hunt with some buddies the first week of December and many hunters in the area were able to fill their tags in those last couple of weeks.  The amount of animals seen was impressive to say the least.

Our 15th Season is just a few months away and we are already looking forward to get started and to see many of you this spring.    We do have two cabins available this spring, one in May and one in June.  Both are excellent dates to put fish in the boat.  Our wolf hunts will be starting at the beginning of March and we are looking for interested hunters for the 2019 season.  We also have a couple of 2018 fall bear hunting opportunities available.


Couple of Highlights from 2017.











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