A Look Back

17 12 2018


Well another year has come to an end.  2018 provided us with many unforgettable moments.  Dave and I have shared many of our stories with friends and family and they agree that we are very fortunate to live our lives in Northwestern Ontario.   We know our success and happiness could not be possible with YOUThank you!


This past year could have been reported as much tougher fishing from the previous few years.  As much of the Midwest had experienced, our weather seemed to have 2 seasons in 2018.  We went from winter to summer and summer back to winter.  Water temperatures play such an important role, Pickerel Lake went from 49 degrees on opening day to 75 degrees just 10 days later.  Keep in mind we are in NW Ontario and the fishing is excellent so when we have a few below average weeks they really stick out.    Numbers of mature walleye being caught is still very much on the rise and is undoubtedly a result of your excellent conservation practices.  Not only are we seeing mature fish being caught but many different year classes of fish.  We have had more “personal best “, caught this year than any other.


Wolf hunting is our first hunt of the year which starts in March.  All of our hunters harvested or had opportunities at taking a wolf.  Our bear hunt like most in NW Ontario is very good.  Populations are healthy and opportunities to observe and harvest trophy black bear are excellent.  Although our moose population has been declining over the last 15 years there seems to be a rebound in many areas of our unit.  Our non-resident hunter seen 18 moose in four days of hunting and harvested a beautiful mature bull that measured 54”.  Our grouse numbers have been plentiful to say the least.  Always great stories from our guest that mix it up with some fall fishing and grouse hunting.


Whether you are fishing, hunting, or staring at the falls relaxing, the outpost is definitely a fan favorite.  Fishing was steady as usual.  Our repeat guest are really figuring things out and are boating more and more mature fish.  High numbers of 15 to 18 inchers are still the bulk of the fishing but many mid 20’s are being boated. There were a couple of weeks that northern pike were really on.  Mid 30’s were common but several 40” plus pike were boated this past summer.  Ogani is a great place to see all kinds of wildlife.  Sightings of moose, bear, and wolves this year were plentiful.  We are continuing to make upgrades to make your stay even more enjoyable


The new pavilion with an event grill, pizza oven and deep fryer this year was a big hit.  Many of afternoon and nights, guests would stop in for a cold beverage at the new bar and awesome tractor seats, picnic tables or just to relax on the lounge furniture.  Later in the year we had a few people try out our karaoke machine, just imagine! In all sincerity, Dave and I loved having all of you in one place in the evenings.  It was very special to both of us getting to know all of you better, sharing stories and having fun!

In the spring we plan to remodel the bathrooms in Cabins 5&6.  Last year we completely rehabbed Cabin 1.  Our customers that had the opportunity to stay in Cabin 1 this year enjoyed the new floors, beds, kitchen cupboards and countertops.  Cabin 4 had a new kitchen renovation that was also welcomed. 

We are looking forward to our 16th year next season 2019.  Every year we are busier than the year before thanks to all of you for your referrals.  Just a reminder, our web page is:  WWW.PICKERELCREEKCAMP.COM. My husband is supposed to be writing a blog, not sure what happened this year? I think he dropped the ball. Please note that on Dave’s blog page you can sign up to receive his postings.  The website will automatically send it to your email.


Warmest regards, Dave and Betty



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