13 03 2019

Warmer weather has fisherman finally getting out and doing a little more fishing. Seems like most of the recent reports are fairly decent. This winter has been long and cold for the most part. We were able to get out for a trout day and although we didn’t have a banner day we did put a couple of fish on the ice and had a true giant get away. Don’t roll your eyes, a buddy really did have a giant trout on for a while. Walleye fishing will be picking up each day and the warmer weather in the forecast will help out a lot. Crappie fishing in our area has been spotty, some good days of 20 plus fish and some stinkers of less than 10 fish. Looking forward to some trophy northern pike fishing, the feeder creeks will start to flow with this warmer forecast and northern pike will start to stage and begin a pre-spawn feed. Pulling mid 30″ to mid 40″ fish through the ice is definitely an outing everyone should experience. Many of you that purchase your licence online may have a copy on their phone but do our conservation officers a favor and print out a hard copy to give them when asked. No one would want to handle your phone over the edge of a boat.

We have 3 spots available in June and a couple spots available for our fall bear hunt. Please call or email for more information.



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