6 04 2018

A cabin just opened up for the week of May 26th, 2018.  Excellent week for fishing.  If you or anyone you know would be interested please let us know.  This is our only cabin available until July 7th.  We also have September 8th available at our outpost.  Thank you.

It’s Still Winter.

29 03 2018

A short report from the north would say winter is still here.  Unless the weather drastically warms up we should have ice well into the first part of May, that’s only my guess.  Depending who you are and where you are fishing the reports are all over the map.  With a couple of warmer days we are starting to see some flow from the feeder creeks.  This running water should start bringing the Northern Pike and Walleye into the shallower water of these creek mouths.  It seems everyday is different.  We have been able to get out a bit as of late and our report is spotty at best but we do hear of some pretty nice catches in the area.




9 03 2018

Fish have been on the feed this past week.  I was able to get out with some friends and regardless of the species you are after you will be putting fish on the ice.  We hit a spot one evening in which we caught whitefish, northern pike, walleye, perch, and lake herring.  We caught and released some really nice 24 and 25 inch walleye and were able to catch a few nice males for a great winter time feed.  The whitefish are on the smoker right now.  Looking forward at the weather it looks like we will be able to enjoy some excellent fishing well into April.  Enjoy the awesome pics the boys were able to take.

Successful Wolf Hunt

7 03 2018

Corey Meurer from Minnesota capitalized on the second day of his hunt.  He had 5 wolves come into the area and was able to harvest this beautiful trophy Timber Wolf.


Being out and about the last month it has been nice to see the amount of moose activity.  Although there has been several killed by wolves in our area this winter the population seems to be on the rise.  I wish we would have taken pictures yesterday when we seen 3  moose cross a lake that we were on.  Fishing has also picked up in the area as of late.  Trout fishing and crappie fishing has been the go to activity on the ice.  Conditions are fantastic for getting around.  Plenty of snow and ice.

Looking Back

17 01 2018

Hello Everyone,

Betty and I hope this email finds you all well and we hope you and your families had a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season. As we get older, the seasons just seem to fly right by and 2017 was no different.  The year started off with a successful wolf hunt in March and some world class Northern Pike ice fishing in April.  The walleye season was excellent last year, staying strong until mid-August for most of the water in the area.  Mid-August through September seemed to be a bit tough on some lakes.  Heavy algae blooms with low oxygen concentrations kept the fishing a bit slow.  When things are tough we just need to find the water that has active fish and many of our guest caught fish last fall in lakes they never had fished before.  Hard to believe we are talking about crappie fishing, but that species has made its way to many of our surrounding lakes and anglers are having fun filling their limits.  Musky fishing was good throughout the summer but above average in September and October.  September also was the month to catch numbers of trophy smallmouth bass.  Our outpost fishing was great throughout the year and many of our outpost moose hunters filled their tags.

One of our highlights last year was hosting two wounded U.S. Army Veterans for a fall bear hunt in August.  It is truly remarkable what our service men and women on both sides of the border do for their countries.  A big thanks to all the service men and women in the U.S. and Canada for keeping our countries free.  Western Michigan Bow Hunters and Safari Club International were a big help in putting this together and we look forward to working with them again.

We are already looking forward to our 15th season at PCC and have a few updates to tell you about.  All of our guest cabins will have new beds.  We will be finishing the remolding to cabin 1 in April.  The pavilion is 90 % complete and 100% usable.  It is equipped with fish fryers and an event grill, along with a bar and picnic tables.  There will also be pizza ovens and pizza available for purchase.


As always we thank you for your continued support and thank you in advance for your referrals. 

We have two cabins available this spring, one in May and one in June. We also have spots open for August bear hunting.

Inquire about mid-summer and fall fishing opportunities.  Let’s not forget excellent grouse hunting in September.

Book now for 2019 wolf hunts.

Book now for 2019 bear hunts.

Inquire now for 2019 Moose hunt.

A New Season Ahead

13 01 2018

Even though it has been brutally cold  in the north for quite some time there are some folks getting out on the ice.  Crappie fishing has been decent and a surprisingly good walleye bite has been had by several parties from Dryden to north of Ear Falls.  We do not have many trout reports but I’m sure their are a few getting put on the ice.   Conditions are actually pretty good for travel.  We really did need this cold spell to firm up our lakes for travel.  The amount of snow in November and December caused an insulating effect and made conditions on some lakes sketchy at best.  Most of the reports we have now are good travel throughout the area.

The end of the moose season was full of action for the hunters that were out there.  I had a successful hunt with some buddies the first week of December and many hunters in the area were able to fill their tags in those last couple of weeks.  The amount of animals seen was impressive to say the least.

Our 15th Season is just a few months away and we are already looking forward to get started and to see many of you this spring.    We do have two cabins available this spring, one in May and one in June.  Both are excellent dates to put fish in the boat.  Our wolf hunts will be starting at the beginning of March and we are looking for interested hunters for the 2019 season.  We also have a couple of 2018 fall bear hunting opportunities available.


Couple of Highlights from 2017.









2018 Changes

22 12 2017

Some changes to the fishing regulation in the upcoming year.  These changes do not affect fisherman in FMZ4 but for those of you who fish Vermilion Bay and south the changes will affect you.