Good Fishing

6 07 2017

Looking back on May and June fishing in NW Ontario I would have to say the fishing was good throughout.  We did not have to many days that were slow.  Remote lakes and rivers were excellent as usual.  In my opinion the Mayfly hatch and/or hatches did not slow things down if you were in the right spots.  I have learned that your normal go to spots may not hold fish when hatches are going on.  Try a few spots that you would never fish most of the time.  Silty bays where the mayflies are hatching can be the ticket.  Fish the  bays that have the most wind blowing into them, the fish can be anywhere.  Once you catch a fish throw a marker buoy and exhaust the area before you move on.  You would never think fish would be in some of these areas but they are.  Northern Pike and trout fishing was probably on the slow side this past spring.  Musky has been slow as well. Water temps are still in the low to mid sixties and the summer bite has not got going yet. When we see those temps reach the 70’s the muskies should put on their summer feed bag.

If you are looking to book for 2018 in NW Ontario now is the time.  We are looking to fill some spots at the outpost and here at PCC.  Our first openings start June 23rd.  We also are looking to fill a few fall bear hunting spots in 2018.  There should be openings for wolf hunts in 2019 for those interested in great winter adventure.


Warmer Water

12 06 2017

The second week of season the water temps were in the 50’s and in just one week the water rose  20 degrees.  On some lakes that quick rise sent fish deep, passing up their post spawn hangouts.  Flat and sunny hot days made for a tough bite as of late.  Every body of water is different right now.  Overall fishing is decent but not excellent.  30 to 40 walleye in a day is good right now.  Perch finished up their spawn last week and you can still find a few bass on their beds.  It’s tough to say where to fish on any given lake, it seems fish are not concentrated or if they are the next day the fish will have moved.  The bigger female walleye have started biting and your mid to high 20’s are be caught every day.  There has been several 27 and 28 inch fish caught and released in the last two days.  Not much to talk about with big northern or trout as of late.


29 05 2017

With the 2017 fishing season now in full swing I would have to say the overall fishing reports have been good.  Water temps are slowly creeping  up which will definitely help the fishing go from good to great.  From lake to lake reports are different but if you are targeting walleye your normal spring depths are in play.  There have been several small hatches of early spring insects which keep the walleye feeding in shallow water.  Trout and northern pike fishing seem to be a day to day thing, we will have customers do good to day and someone else won’t do as good tomorrow.  Overall surface temps are in the 50’s, again it really depends on the day and the lake.  Water levels are still very low for this time of year.  For those of you who like to perch fish, things are still slow and need the water temps to hike up, when we  see some weed growth, the action should start up.  Outpost fishing has been excellent , big numbers and some really quality fish being caught.


21 05 2017

Even though the area had ice out a month ago water temperatures are not quite at where they need to be.  Find the warmest water on the lakes and you should do OK.  Anglers yesterday had mixed reports but a few boats did really well, 3 to 6 feet of water and south facing shore lines.  The afternoon bite seems to be better than early morning  which makes sense as the water temps rise throughout the day.  Feeder creeks that have warm water flowing into the lake is always a go to spot at this time of year.  Bush lakes are running morning surface temps in the low 50’s and some of our areas larger bodies are even cooler than that.  The low 60 degree mark is optimal and with a little sunshine in the forecast we should hit that in a week or so.  With warmer water comes the hatches of several insects that will trigger the walleyes’ dinner bell.  Northern pike fishing has been slow to average and the lake trout still seem to be deep.  We are a few warm days away from a few key hatches and the the trout will be right on top the water column.  Trout lakes are holding temperatures in the 40’s.  Water levels in lakes and streams are low for this time of year.

Getting Close

20 04 2017

Things are melting fast and the water temps are on the rise.  We are seeing Northern Pike in Pickerel Creek already starting to spawn.  Ice is still on the lakes but going fast.  Won’t be long and the walleyes will be in the creeks having their annual spawn.

A last minute ice fishing trip over the weekend in the north produced  some really nice fish.  Thought we would share some pics of  40 plus inch northern pike.

Betty and I are working on opening the camp and look forward to see many of you very soon.

The Melt is On

30 03 2017

Would love to say the fish are on but things have been hit or miss.  Ice fishing in general has been exactly like that for the most part.  We are getting mixed reports from one outing to another.  The walleye have not moved into their spawning areas as of last week but we are starting to melt and creeks are starting to flow, bringing warmer water into the lakes.  The walleye should be moving in shallow and/or staging in-front of their spawning areas.  Depending on the day and the lake,  trout fishing has been mixed.  We have experienced some great days and some off days as well.  Crappie probably have been the most steady fish to catch but even they have put up a challenge.  Pickerel Creek has opened up in the “current” areas  which is about 2 1/2 weeks earlier than last year.  We could see an early spring if  weather trends stay on course.


LAST MINUTE CANCELATION: Opening June 10th to June 17th.  Only cabin available this spring and it is a great time of year to fish NW Ontario.

Wolf Hunt

9 03 2017

Joe Bruan from Minnesota hunted hard and connected this week on a beautiful mature black wolf.  A trophy like this is what some hunters only dream about.  Wolf hunts are not for the faint at heart.  Long cold sits from dark to dark create a mental challenge that is extremely gratifying when things come together.  Way to Joe!


Ice fishing has been pretty good.  Crappie have been steady and trout fishing has been steady as well.  We do not have many walleye reports.  Trout have been suspended over deep water.  Fishing over 70 plus feet but working the 40 feet column.  Electronics are a must.  The crappie bite comes and goes, waiting for a school to come buy takes a bit but rewarded when it does.