Moose and Musky Time of Year

27 10 2016

Moose season is well on its way with mixed reports from hunters.  Unit 5 has been a bit difficult for rifle hunters.  The season started a week later than normal and the moose seemed to be in hiding after the rut.  Mild temperatures kept the moose in tight to cover for the most part but some hunters did see a lot of action in some areas.  While hunting a few days ago I heard a cow calling as if she was not bred in her first estrous cycle so one should still be able to call in a bull if you were close to his bedding ground.  Moose have been feeding in cuts but I also seen moose still feeding in the water just a couple of days ago.  Areas further north had many of the same reports, action for some and nothing for others.

Musky fishing should be good starting right now.  I fished with customers a little over a week ago and fishing was still slow.  Water temps were still in the 50’s and we were only able to boat one fish a day.  We just had a couple of hard frosts which dropped the temps into the 40’s which should surly turn up the action.

Grouse hunting is still excellent!  Early mornings and evenings are the best, but you can find birds all day, especially if you get out and do a little walking.  I should have a deer report by the end of next week.  It will be interesting to see just what the population looks like but I am not optimistic, hope I’m wrong .

Couple of fish from last week.







Fall Fishing and Hunting

24 09 2016

Fall is here, this time of year is awesome in NW Ontario.  Grouse hunters are experiencing tons of action.  Lots of birds as predicted.  Moose hunting is on the way with mixed reports.  I know a few guides that have tagged out early and a few are still at it.  I’ve been out trying to get some video but have come up short so far.  The best is yet to come.  Fishing for walleye on the bush lakes has picked up and our outpost fishing has been very good.  The female walleye  are on the feed  and  fish in the mid 20’s are being boated.  Crappie and Musky are still on the feed, we had some stellar crappie fishing lately.  I have not had any trout reports lately but if the water temps continue to drop we should get some action in before the season closes on the 30th of this month.

Colin Watson from Little Canada Camp guided this lucky hunter to a beautiful mid-40’s bull moose.  She arrow this animal on the first morning of her


Bright Spot

14 09 2016

It seems the only bright spot in the last few weeks is the Musky fishing.  September is one of my favorite months to fish for walleye but so far fishing is still slow.  Water temps have dropped and the fall feed should have kicked in by now but it just hasn’t happened.  Fish are still deep and fishing is tough.  The fish that are being caught are on the smaller size and it seems like your august patterns are still holding. I am talking about bush lakes being slow, some of the larger bodies of water are experience fair to good walleye fishing. I have heard a couple of very good crappie reports, it won’t be too long and we will be catching numbers of crappie in many local lakes. The musky fishing has been pretty darn good though.  The evening bite seems to be the best action and anglers will see several fish and should be boating one or two in an outing.  Surprisingly the musky are shallow and still in the cabbage.

Construction on the Pickerel Creek Bridge is going a bit slow but should rap up by the end of October.



100 %

27 08 2016

We just finished up with our bear hunt and boy it was a good one.  This year we had more bears on the baits than in last few years.  3, 4, and five bears on most baits.  11 hunters seen 42 bear averaged only 2.7 days on stand and everyone had chances at harvesting an animal.  Operator error was the cause of a couple of people not taking home a trophy but the rest of the field did very well.  Talking to other outfitters including our neighbors at Gold Arrow, they have experienced much the same type of success.  The bear population looks to be healthy with good numbers.  Tons of food for the animals to put their winter weight on should bode well for another strong year in 2017.

Fishing is average for August.  Walleye seem to be deep, making them a challenging target for most.  Cooler nights are upon us which will be dropping the water temps and the fall bite should be just around the corner.

A Little On!

2 08 2016

Depending on where you are things have picked up a bit.  I usually don’t mention bodies of water by name, most of you can figure out where I’m talking about anyway, but the English River in Ear Falls has been bang on as of late.  Big numbers and quality fish are being caught.  Talking with Colin Watson from Little Canada Camp he says August is a great month to fish the river.  Lac Seul has had much improved reports.  Local trout lakes have been producing some good fish in the 45 to 65 foot range.  Some bush lakes are doing surprisingly well and other are just average for this time of year.

Pictures never do fish justice but its well worth to show you Dan Yffs 31 1/2 Walleye.  It’s always awesome to see a fish caught and released like the fish below.  Way to go Dan.

dan Yff

A Little Off

29 07 2016

Painting with a broad brush the reports we have been getting is that fishing is still tough.  Bush lakes are average for this time of year but our go to larger summer lakes are still off.  I’m not sure why but a guiding trip on Monday revealed very little bait.  Main lake flats and humps are targets for me personally and when there is bait around fishing is usually fantastic this time of year.  We were able to grind out about 40 to 50 fish but it wasn’t fast at all and had to move to many spots to do so.  Weed growth is slow and its tough to find numbers of fish.  Just like every bass tournament in the south, someone always finds fish but for the rest of the field it is still a grind.

Musky fishing has been difficult as well, anglers are not seeing the numbers of fish that they normally do and not putting quality fish in the boat.  Smaller fish are being caught but the real tankers are elusive.  Water temps are cool, high 60’s.  Personally the summer bite for me is closer to the mid 70’s for active fish.  Times of day are definitely important, early and late will be the best chance to see some fish.  The mid day action is brutal.

Bear season is just around the corner and we will start baiting this weekend.  The blue berries are plentiful so finding good concentrations of bear should not be a problem.

Pickerel Creek bridge work will start on Tuesday and there is still lots of construction in the area.  Be safe and watch out for for the construction workers.

Couple of pics from Mondays guiding trip, a 28 1/2 inch walleye was the highlight of the day.


Good Enough

17 07 2016

Like my old buddy Donny Moore from Gold Arrow Camp use to say, “fishing is good enough”.  Every day and every lake is a bit different right now.  It seems that fisherman really have to hunt for fish .  Even though we are in mid July many of the summer time hangouts of walleye are unoccupied.   Weather in the last week or so definitely has played a part.  Unstable pressures, rain, east winds, and a decrease in water temperatures all added to a challenging week of fishing.  Betty and I were able to sneak out one afternoon with our good friends Irene and Jimmy Hanson. Fishing was tough until we finally found a wind-blown reef that held a bunch of mature fish, lots of fun!  Water temps are in the high 60’s to low seventies, a drop of 5 to 8 degrees over the last week and a half.  Water levels have risen feet and weed growth seems to be slow this year.  Better weather ahead should surely help the fishing .

Those of you heading this way should watch out for construction, just about everywhere.  Pickerel Creek Bridge will be replaced starting on the 25th of July.

Also a good reminder to help yourselves and our conservation officers is to package your fish correctly if you plan on taking any fish home.  The fillets need to be flat with a patch of skin.  Put it this way, if you can not easily count and identify whats in the package neither can a conservation officer.  Road side stops this year revealed that many are not packaging their fish properly, this will lead to fines and confiscation of your fish.