15 01 2017


We hope everyone is having a good start to 2017.  We wanted to let you know that we have been having problems with our phone.  For the time being if you can’t get through or get a busy signal please shoot us an email.  It seems the problem is only from some parts of the US.

Winter has pretty much settled in, cold and snow is surly the theme.  Trout season opened on January 1st and the first week of season was action packed for most.  35 to 50 feet of water with the old standard white tube jig seemed to be the ticket.  Mixed reports for walleye and crappie thus far this year.  Fisherman north of us struggled a bit on some normally excellent winter hot spots and some friends have been putting fish on the ice in the Dryden area.  Ice conditions vary along with slush conditions.  High water levels this past fall again will make some of those creek passages a bit iffy.  I have not heard of any excellent crappie reports but the season is definitely early.

Our Spring bookings are solid but we do have a cabin avaiable the week of June 24th.  We will keep you informed of any cancelations .  If you are looking for something to do in 2017 Dave will be guiding a spring bear hunt, and will also be guiding mid-summer and fall musky trips.  We are also expanding our wolf hunt by a couple of hunters so if anyone is interested let us know.  We have a couple of spots avaiable in March of 2018.  For those of you who like to bird hunt you should really think about a fall grouse/fishing trip.  Season starts the 15th of September.  It is a great time of year to be in NW Ontario.



A buddy of ours was trying to make us a bit jealous with an openning day lake trout.



Crappie Invasion

13 04 2015

Last ice is bringing anglers out to get in the last couple of weeks of fishing and bringing crappies up from their deep winter hangouts.  Ten years ago you hardly heard of crappies being caught in areas that are now full of the challenging and tasty pan fish.  Whether you are in Kenora, Dryden, or even Perrault Falls crappie can be added to the list of fish you may want to target.  I am keeping this blog short so I can sneak out and try my luck at finding some myself.

Pickerel Creek opened yesterday which is fairly average for this time of year, 18 days earlier than last year.  Northern Pike are making their way to the shallow bays and creek mouths to spawn.  I seen a few fish of the dock yesterday.  Those of you who had cold water temps for opener the last two years should enjoy a more average spring and look for the walleye opener to be action packed.

The Whiskey Jack bar and grill in Perrault Falls has great food and their musical line – up is posted for the up coming season.  If you like music and are lucky enough to be in the area when they are having a show, do your self a favor and buy a ticket and check them out. They will have 7 or 8 bands this spring and early summer lineup.

We have a few spots open for our 2016 fall bear hunt which starts the 15th of August .

Common scenes on the ice lately.

scott crappie barry c auger

dave walleyeice c

Ice and Snow

11 12 2014

Area lakes are averaging 12 inches of ice and local reports are pretty good for the walleye bite.  Some big females are being caught and lots of early males are feeding.  Trout season does not open until the first of the new year so most attention is on walleye.  We have about a foot of powder on the ground, snow machines and four wheelers are your main transportation.  Ice roads are open in Dryden and Red Lake.  Moose are on the move and several groups of hunters are putting their tags on late season moose.  This is the last weekend before we hang our tags on the Christmas tree for deer and moose.  The deer hunting has not surprised us and we still have not heard of any giants being taken.  Trappers are having a decent year, hopefully fur prices will work in their favor.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

One for the good guys.