The Melt is On

30 03 2017

Would love to say the fish are on but things have been hit or miss.  Ice fishing in general has been exactly like that for the most part.  We are getting mixed reports from one outing to another.  The walleye have not moved into their spawning areas as of last week but we are starting to melt and creeks are starting to flow, bringing warmer water into the lakes.  The walleye should be moving in shallow and/or staging in-front of their spawning areas.  Depending on the day and the lake,  trout fishing has been mixed.  We have experienced some great days and some off days as well.  Crappie probably have been the most steady fish to catch but even they have put up a challenge.  Pickerel Creek has opened up in the “current” areas  which is about 2 1/2 weeks earlier than last year.  We could see an early spring if  weather trends stay on course.


LAST MINUTE CANCELATION: Opening June 10th to June 17th.  Only cabin available this spring and it is a great time of year to fish NW Ontario.


A Little Off

29 07 2016

Painting with a broad brush the reports we have been getting is that fishing is still tough.  Bush lakes are average for this time of year but our go to larger summer lakes are still off.  I’m not sure why but a guiding trip on Monday revealed very little bait.  Main lake flats and humps are targets for me personally and when there is bait around fishing is usually fantastic this time of year.  We were able to grind out about 40 to 50 fish but it wasn’t fast at all and had to move to many spots to do so.  Weed growth is slow and its tough to find numbers of fish.  Just like every bass tournament in the south, someone always finds fish but for the rest of the field it is still a grind.

Musky fishing has been difficult as well, anglers are not seeing the numbers of fish that they normally do and not putting quality fish in the boat.  Smaller fish are being caught but the real tankers are elusive.  Water temps are cool, high 60’s.  Personally the summer bite for me is closer to the mid 70’s for active fish.  Times of day are definitely important, early and late will be the best chance to see some fish.  The mid day action is brutal.

Bear season is just around the corner and we will start baiting this weekend.  The blue berries are plentiful so finding good concentrations of bear should not be a problem.

Pickerel Creek bridge work will start on Tuesday and there is still lots of construction in the area.  Be safe and watch out for for the construction workers.

Couple of pics from Mondays guiding trip, a 28 1/2 inch walleye was the highlight of the day.



27 04 2016

The melt is on and NW Ontario is waking up from another quiet winter. Ducks are back and extremely active.  Our duck boxes are hosting Golden Eye, Hooded Mergansers , and a pair of wood ducks are back. Betty got to witness our food chain a few days ago as an otter took down a duck not too far from the dock on Pickerel Creek.  There has been so much duck activity even eagles are trying to get in on the action and are trying to snag a duck dinner.  Sand Hill Cranes have started their flight back north, a great sign that a new season is about to start.  Deer and moose would have had a fairly easy winter, sighting of both animals have been prevalent as of late.

Over an inch of rain last week and some decent run off have water levels high across the region.  Pickerel Creek itself has morning temperatures right at 40 degrees but warming up to the high 40’s by the afternoon.  Creeks have been open for over a month now and with warm water flowing into our area lakes northern pike have begun there spawn.  We still have ice on our lakes but it is starting to go pretty quick over the last few days.  We did get good trout reports from north of Ear Falls last week but ice conditions around here are no longer safe.


11 04 2016

Pickerel Creek This Morning.

this morning

If the weather man is correct it looks like we have just a few more days of winter like conditions.  We received about 6 inches of fresh snow over the last two days and things look a lot like December.  Augusta, Georgia sure looked pretty nice yesterday although Jordan Spieth probably wishes it was still December.  Fishing reports have been good.  We fished Saturday and had a great day catching the new little green fish in our area and then  a quick trout fish in the afternoon, which panned out as well.  Walleye reports have been decent.  If you were to ask me a month ago if we would still be on the ice I would have said no way.  Ice conditions are very good, still averaging 16 to 20 inches, but you need to be careful anywhere there is current.  We will be experiencing a warm up towards the end of the week and the long range looks to be average or above.

Pickerel Creek opened up this year on the 17th of March and it took until the 29th for our waterfowl to arrive.  The creek is teaming with mallards, golden eye, hooded mergansers, Canada geese, and even a pair of trumpeter swans.  There are not any signs of northern pike spawning yet but with warmer weather on the way it won’t be long to see the bull rushes dancing with another year of spawning taking place.

Couple of reminders: Be sure to check your passports to make sure they have not expired and Highway 105 will be under construction north and south of Pickerel Creek Camp this summer so watch for workers and drive safe.


Just a couple of weeks left for these good times.







Crappie Invasion

13 04 2015

Last ice is bringing anglers out to get in the last couple of weeks of fishing and bringing crappies up from their deep winter hangouts.  Ten years ago you hardly heard of crappies being caught in areas that are now full of the challenging and tasty pan fish.  Whether you are in Kenora, Dryden, or even Perrault Falls crappie can be added to the list of fish you may want to target.  I am keeping this blog short so I can sneak out and try my luck at finding some myself.

Pickerel Creek opened yesterday which is fairly average for this time of year, 18 days earlier than last year.  Northern Pike are making their way to the shallow bays and creek mouths to spawn.  I seen a few fish of the dock yesterday.  Those of you who had cold water temps for opener the last two years should enjoy a more average spring and look for the walleye opener to be action packed.

The Whiskey Jack bar and grill in Perrault Falls has great food and their musical line – up is posted for the up coming season.  If you like music and are lucky enough to be in the area when they are having a show, do your self a favor and buy a ticket and check them out. They will have 7 or 8 bands this spring and early summer lineup.

We have a few spots open for our 2016 fall bear hunt which starts the 15th of August .

Common scenes on the ice lately.

scott crappie barry c auger

dave walleyeice c

Mayday Mayday

1 05 2014

The distress call to Mother Nature for warmer temperatures is heard by everyone.  Pickerel Creek finally opened up last night and this morning all sorts of ducks have arrived.  We have not seen the creek open this late as long as we have been here, 11 years.  We have been melting for some time now and the runoff from the snow is seen everywhere.  Water levels this spring should be high and with the ground being saturated the run off should continue.  This could create some new fishing spots for fisherman this spring.  You will see feeder creeks and runoff areas on lakes that you never have seen before, at least the fisherman that are here the first few weeks of season.  Take the opportunity and fish these areas, there will be fish in front of the moving water.  

We have been fielding many calls regarding ice conditions, with opening day just 17 days away a need for warmer temperatures is an understatement. There is still 2 feet of ice on every lake in the area.  Creeks are now starting to open and the runoff will surly help with the melt but for some lakes it won’t be enough.   Many of our bush lakes including Pickerel Lake are the first lakes to open, hopefully they will be open, it’s too early to call at the moment.  I do believe some lakes in our area and to the north will have ice on them come the 17th.  Friend and tourist operator Colin Watson owns Little Canada Camp in Ear Falls which is on the English River; obviously the river is open and has been for quite some time.  If your original destination is iced in and you cannot reschedule, keep Little Canada Camp in mind.  The English River offers excellent fishing, and Colin is a great guy.  Attention Moose Hunters, Little Canada Camp also has 2 cow tags for this coming fall in WMU 3.

Mixed reports on trout fishing as of late.  Several fronts moving in and out has made fishing a little spotty.  If you hit the right day the fishing is fast but when its off, its off.  Most people are ready for open water, we are putting our ice gear away today.

Pickerel Creek This Morning


Moose Tag Reductions!

18 04 2014

After aerial surveys this past winter and other data collected, the consensus is a definite decline of the moose herd in WMU 5.  Other units experienced much of the same results.  Unit 5 is an extremely large unit, we are fortunate that right here in the Perrault Falls area the numbers are still very good but that is not the case in other areas of the unit.  In 2013 the MNR issued 300 bull tags,113 cow tags and 32 archery bull tags (Ontario Resident Tags) in 2014 the numbers look like this, 63 bull tags, 63 cow tags, and 8 archery bull tags.  Predation, parasites, lack of quality habitat, and harvest of the animal all play a role in the numbers of a herd.  Allocations for non-resident tags have not been announced for 2015 but all signs point to a reduction of non-resident tags as well.  We will update more local information on this topic as news comes in.

Walleye season closed Tuesday and people who took advantage of the last day of fishing on Monday managed to do pretty well.  Creek mouths still have not opened up so fish were still in their staging areas out from their spawning ground.  Trout fishing reports have picked up as traveling conditions have improved, cold night time temperatures have stiffened things up and fisherman are able to travel anywhere they like.  The long range weather forecast looks to be favorable to melting some of this snow and ice, then we can start giving some soft water fishing reports.

I took a wonderful trip into Anishinabi Lodge with owner David McGregor a few days ago.  The 40 mile snowmobile ride was a treat and the scenery was awesome.  Lots of moose tracks and I can tell you we do not have a shortage of wolves.  There were wolf tracks on the trail for the entire 40 mile trek.  Hopefully with the definite decline in whitetail populations, the wolf packs will balance themselves out and as a result of all of this the moose population will make a comeback.


A View From Anishinabi Lodge


Rare day time pics of a Fisher on Pickerel Creek