The Melt is On

30 03 2017

Would love to say the fish are on but things have been hit or miss.  Ice fishing in general has been exactly like that for the most part.  We are getting mixed reports from one outing to another.  The walleye have not moved into their spawning areas as of last week but we are starting to melt and creeks are starting to flow, bringing warmer water into the lakes.  The walleye should be moving in shallow and/or staging in-front of their spawning areas.  Depending on the day and the lake,  trout fishing has been mixed.  We have experienced some great days and some off days as well.  Crappie probably have been the most steady fish to catch but even they have put up a challenge.  Pickerel Creek has opened up in the “current” areas  which is about 2 1/2 weeks earlier than last year.  We could see an early spring if  weather trends stay on course.


LAST MINUTE CANCELATION: Opening June 10th to June 17th.  Only cabin available this spring and it is a great time of year to fish NW Ontario.


Wolf Hunt

9 03 2017

Joe Bruan from Minnesota hunted hard and connected this week on a beautiful mature black wolf.  A trophy like this is what some hunters only dream about.  Wolf hunts are not for the faint at heart.  Long cold sits from dark to dark create a mental challenge that is extremely gratifying when things come together.  Way to Joe!


Ice fishing has been pretty good.  Crappie have been steady and trout fishing has been steady as well.  We do not have many walleye reports.  Trout have been suspended over deep water.  Fishing over 70 plus feet but working the 40 feet column.  Electronics are a must.  The crappie bite comes and goes, waiting for a school to come buy takes a bit but rewarded when it does.


Fall Fishing and Hunting

24 09 2016

Fall is here, this time of year is awesome in NW Ontario.  Grouse hunters are experiencing tons of action.  Lots of birds as predicted.  Moose hunting is on the way with mixed reports.  I know a few guides that have tagged out early and a few are still at it.  I’ve been out trying to get some video but have come up short so far.  The best is yet to come.  Fishing for walleye on the bush lakes has picked up and our outpost fishing has been very good.  The female walleye  are on the feed  and  fish in the mid 20’s are being boated.  Crappie and Musky are still on the feed, we had some stellar crappie fishing lately.  I have not had any trout reports lately but if the water temps continue to drop we should get some action in before the season closes on the 30th of this month.

Colin Watson from Little Canada Camp guided this lucky hunter to a beautiful mid-40’s bull moose.  She arrow this animal on the first morning of her


A Little On!

2 08 2016

Depending on where you are things have picked up a bit.  I usually don’t mention bodies of water by name, most of you can figure out where I’m talking about anyway, but the English River in Ear Falls has been bang on as of late.  Big numbers and quality fish are being caught.  Talking with Colin Watson from Little Canada Camp he says August is a great month to fish the river.  Lac Seul has had much improved reports.  Local trout lakes have been producing some good fish in the 45 to 65 foot range.  Some bush lakes are doing surprisingly well and other are just average for this time of year.

Pictures never do fish justice but its well worth to show you Dan Yffs 31 1/2 Walleye.  It’s always awesome to see a fish caught and released like the fish below.  Way to go Dan.

dan Yff


22 05 2016

Just like this years spawn things are happening fast. Water temps are heating up, water levels are dropping, and the hatches are in full swing.  Last week the trout were still shallow and on the feed, good numbers and size.  Northern Pike action was  steady with several mature fish in the mid 30’s were  boated.  Hot sunny and dry sums up are weather pattern but the stable weather should bode well for the first week of walleye fishing.  It’s early and we don’t have wide reports yet but early indications are good. Our fisherman boated 15 to 40 walleyes per boat, not great but not a bad first day. We will wait a couple of days and get a more detailed report on the walleye action.  With mayflies and every other water creature starting their hatches fish shallow on mud flats that transition to rock and you will have action,  3 to 7 feet of water.  Water temps on walleye water are ranging between 58 and 65 degrees.  Lets hope for a bit of a cool down and some rain to keep things going into June.  For everyone who loves  black flies you are missing out.

Here and Gone

11 05 2016

This may have been the fastest beginning and end of a spawning season I have ever seen.  One day northern pike were in the bull rushes spawning like carp from the south and the next thing you know walleyes moved in and then out just as quick.  The white suckers are even spawned out in most areas.  This would be a little different for are area cold water lakes but I would bet the walleye spawn is over for the most part.  Cliff Lake one of the colder lakes in the area have surface temps in the mid 40’s and we already have mid to high 50’s on warmer bush lakes.  Soaking for trout has been productive for many, and I even heard of fisherman catching a mixed bag of fish using this method.  For those of you don’t know what “soaking” is, picture fishing for catfish in your local farm pond with chicken liver.  You would use cut bait, piece of sucker or a herring and in the right location toss your bait out and let sit.  By the way, that chicken liver you use for catfish would work for trout as well.  In the spring trout will feed in shallow waters which makes soaking possible.  The black ants hatched and/or came out last week which is always a sign for me that the trout are up in the water column and the feed will be on.

The entire NW is under a fire ban, for those of you planning on shore lunches next week be advised.  We all have to be extremely careful this spring.  There are several fires in our local districts.  Things are extremely dry.

Grouse Hunters, our local birds wintered very well this past season and the birds are everywhere.  As long as our spring doesn’t get too wet and cold the young birds should do well and this fall could be another banner year for hunters.  Season opens September 15th.  Excellent trip for hunting and fall fishing combination.


27 04 2016

The melt is on and NW Ontario is waking up from another quiet winter. Ducks are back and extremely active.  Our duck boxes are hosting Golden Eye, Hooded Mergansers , and a pair of wood ducks are back. Betty got to witness our food chain a few days ago as an otter took down a duck not too far from the dock on Pickerel Creek.  There has been so much duck activity even eagles are trying to get in on the action and are trying to snag a duck dinner.  Sand Hill Cranes have started their flight back north, a great sign that a new season is about to start.  Deer and moose would have had a fairly easy winter, sighting of both animals have been prevalent as of late.

Over an inch of rain last week and some decent run off have water levels high across the region.  Pickerel Creek itself has morning temperatures right at 40 degrees but warming up to the high 40’s by the afternoon.  Creeks have been open for over a month now and with warm water flowing into our area lakes northern pike have begun there spawn.  We still have ice on our lakes but it is starting to go pretty quick over the last few days.  We did get good trout reports from north of Ear Falls last week but ice conditions around here are no longer safe.