Winter’s Here

11 12 2016

It looks like winter is finally here. Temps below zero and almost a foot of snow on the ground makes it feel much more normal after an extremely warm fall.  I really wanted to write a blog about how the deer herd has bounced back and report on the awesome moose hunting stories.  Needless to say there is not much to report.  The number of mature bucks has to be at a 20 year low.  Yes there are a couple of deer and yes I’m sure there is a pocket or two that might have a decent buck in it but from what I have seen this fall, it’s depressing.  I have not heard of any 150 class or better bucks killed in a 60 mile radius of PCC.  I did spend hours scouting new areas this year but the results have me hunting several hours west and south of here next season.  If you were to ask why the deer numbers are so low I would pause and say “I’m not sure”.  2014 and 2015 were not too hard on the deer so this year looked to be promising.  Predation is my best guest, we have seen an upward tick on our bear population this year and our wolves are finding enough food to stay healthy.  Wolf  packs seem to be growing in numbers making their hunting success an issue for other big game animals.

Moose hunting in WMU 5 seemed to be a bit slow.  Weather and time of year always will play a part.  We did not see many hunters in our area at all this year.  WMU 3 and WMU 4 seemed to have much more traffic and some hunters really had good hunts.  Several nice bulls were taken, many in that 50 inch range.

Up until a week or so ago  one could still get out on the water and wet a line.  Musky fishing ended up average.  Personally we would boat zero to three fish in an outing.  I did hear of some better reports later in November.  Crappie fishing was very good most of the fall, finding them took some time but when you found them you had a blast.  We have never seen so many people fishing so late in the season, it was very nice fall.

A buddy of mine with a nice bull he got yesterday.






Planning Ahead

26 01 2016

We hope you all made it through the holidays safe and healthy.  Many of you are now planning for your spring and summer fishing trips and if Canada is your destination here are a couple of things  to think about.  Passport books or cards have been needed for a while now, its not a bad idea to check and see if they are current.  For the grandparents who are bringing there grandchildren, a note from there parents is sometimes asked for at the border crossing, having too much information is is better than having none.

There is still a restriction on bringing raw poultry including eggs into Canada.  You can follow updates at /travelers.  If you try to bring poultry you need to prove not only where it was bought but where the meat originated.  The states that are prohibited at the present time are Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota.

Mixed reports on area fishing.  I have heard good and poor reports across the region but the amount of fishing that has been done so far seems to be much lower compared to recent years.  Weather and poor ice conditions have limited fishing to start the year.  Ice conditions are fair right now averaging 10 to 18 inches with slush on some lakes.  We could really use some snow, there is only about a foot on the ground.

The mild winter will definitely help our moose and deer herds at least it won’t hurt.  This is two mild winters in a row.  PCC has been planning on starting up our deer hunt again in the fall of 2017.  We will just have to wait and seen how many mature bucks are around.

Our May and June Dates are booked but there are some July and September dates available.  Shoot us an email or give us a call to talk about open dates and adventure opportunities.  We are still booking 2016 and 2017 wolf, bear, and moose hunts.



Ice and Snow

11 12 2014

Area lakes are averaging 12 inches of ice and local reports are pretty good for the walleye bite.  Some big females are being caught and lots of early males are feeding.  Trout season does not open until the first of the new year so most attention is on walleye.  We have about a foot of powder on the ground, snow machines and four wheelers are your main transportation.  Ice roads are open in Dryden and Red Lake.  Moose are on the move and several groups of hunters are putting their tags on late season moose.  This is the last weekend before we hang our tags on the Christmas tree for deer and moose.  The deer hunting has not surprised us and we still have not heard of any giants being taken.  Trappers are having a decent year, hopefully fur prices will work in their favor.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

One for the good guys.