Fall Pics

25 10 2019

Mayfly Hatch

24 06 2019

Reports of a huge Mayfly hatch on several bodies of water today. Don’t panic. Mud /silt and rock combination with wind blowing in is your target. Our problem today is very little wind. Some our best days have been when there is a hatch going on. Walleye will gorge on one of their favorite treats. Whatever bay the wind is blowing into, fish it. You really don’t have to look for structure, fish will be in the middle of the bay. We always look for a good spot above the water line but fish don’t see what we are looking at and mayfly larva is not in any particular area. I mentioned mud and rock but you may not be able to distinguish that combination. Try dragging not jigging a jig through the slit in the middle of a wind blown bay.

Spring of 2020

23 06 2019

We have 3 open spots for the spring of 2020. 1 cabin available each of these 3 weeks. May 16th to 23rd, May 23-30, and June 20th-27th. Fishing has been decent the last few days, walleye seem to be shallow in the weeds. We are starting to see a few hatches start. Temps on the smaller lakes are in the mid 60’s and high 50’s to low 60’s everywhere else. All species seems to be somewhat active and everyone is getting in on the fun. Enjoy some pics from the last 2 weeks.


20 06 2019

The area has experienced 2 weeks of solid fishing, although the last couple of days of full sun and little wind has seemed to slow things down. We are waiting for the next hatch to get some fish going. Trout fishing has stayed good and we are hearing reports of excellent crappie fishing . Water temps have been on the rise this week, mid 60’s on the smaller lakes and low 60’s for afternoon temps everywhere else. Some larger lakes are experiencing transitions from spring to summer making fish a little difficult to locate but your favorite summer haunts will be stacking up with fish everyday going forward.

Turning On

29 05 2019

The fishing has picked up across the board. We finally had a change in pressure and the East winds switched to the west. Yesterday was a good day of fishing. Walleye are in 10 feet or less and feeding on helgramites. Pre-spawn bass are active and the lake trout fishing has been very good all season so far. Water temps are hanging in the mid 50’s for the most part.

Day off from fishing to do a little shed hunting.

East Winds

22 05 2019

Not quite sure if a week of east winds helped or hurt walleye yields this past five days. Mixed reports have many of us scratching our heads. Some bodies of water have been fantastic since the opener and others not so much. Lakes that have been good seemed to have cooler water with fish still in their spawning areas. Lakes that were a bit tougher had temperatures in the low 50’s with fish scattered. Temps are warming throughout the area though. Some hatches have started which should trigger the walleye to school up and start to feed. Lake trout action has been pretty good, fish were being caught as shallow as 10 feet and as deep as 50. Smallmouth didn’t seem to mind an east wind, action was steady all week for those pursuing the bronze backs.

Barometric Pressure

18 05 2019

Opening Day! We are ready to kick off our 2019 season! Northern Pike and Lake trout fishing has been very good this past week. Lake trout waters were running temperatures in the high 40’s and many fish were being caught in shallow water. Northern Pike action was hot. Smaller bush lake temperatures are in the low 50’s. Looking forward to see how walleye action sets up on the first day of season. NW Ontario is experiencing some beautiful weather on this May long weekend, lots of sunshine with a nice walleye chop.

Pickerel Creek Camp is excited to announce along with Lethbridge College in Alberta a study on the potential effects of barometric pressure on fishing success/harvest. Personally, I have always wondered what may cause fish to actively feed or not. In conjunction with the Department of Environmental Science at Lethbridge College we will be doing a study this summer. Zain Ismail is a senior student and will be doing his final project on this subject. We will be asking for your help in collecting data and look forward to sharing our results with you. I know some of you may not be customers of ours but if you would like to participate in the study a simple email to get a questionnaire would suffice.

We will be seeing many of you soon, safe travels and good fishing.